8 out of every 10 homeless are single mothers with children. For years, Joy Ministries has seen this need and knew that something needed to be done in November 2014, we opened the Father’s House to address this problem of homelessness.

The Father’s House is transitional housing for single mothers with children. The Father’s House transitional house for single mothers with children helps the working poor or those who have a proven work history. The program is designed to help women get back on their feet after facing difficult situations and to become financially independent. We help women move from transitional housing to permanent housing. Aspects of the Father’s House program include:

• Financial Counseling
• Back to Work Program
• Cars for Moms Program
• Psychological Counseling
• Single Mom’s Life Group

The Father’s House program has helped women move from homelessness into permanent housing. The program has helped women to acquire jobs, keep their children in school and become financially independent.

We are currently being inundated with requests through the Father’s House program. We need funding to keep this program running every month as we have to pay utility bills and other various expenses for the homes and the children. Will you give hope to a single mother with children today? Click Here to give your best gift of hope.


Aisha worked hard to provide for her family and had secured a good job as a nurse. Aisha was pregnant with twins and she had two other children that she was striving to make a good life for. Aisha was faced with a devastating blow when her husband suddenly left her after acquiring a drug addiction. Soon after her husband left, Aisha was hospitalized because of diabetes. Her life began spiraling out of control. She lost her job and then her house. She and her two children were forced to live in her car. The Father’s House gave Aisha and her children hope in their time of great need. Now, one year later, Aisha’s life has turned around. Aisha has a three bedroom home, a car and her own daycare business.